Can you help to support care leavers in Sussex?

Introducing Beyond, the charity for care leavers in Brighton and Hove


Beyond is a new charity in Brighton and Hove that aims to help those leaving care in the city to thrive. The idea is that Beyond can give out one off grants to care leavers and act like a ‘bank of mum and dad’ for those who don’t have parents to rely on. It’s for things that others take for granted – whether it’s a new suit for a job interview, driving lessons or a deposit for a flat.

There are hundreds of care leavers in Brighton and Hove, and Beyond wants to help them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Although children in care only make up one per cent of the population, it’s estimated that a quarter of those in prison and those sleeping on the streets were in care as children. Care leavers are also more likely to be NEETS (not in education, employment or training)

Beyond wants to change that.

So how does it work?
Beyond will give one off grants to care leavers between 18 and 30 in Brighton and Hove.
The cash – which care leavers can apply for – will be handed out by a panel in the hope of helping young people gain their independence and achieve their dreams.

What can you do to help?
Before Beyond can start helping young care leavers in our city, the charity needs to raise funds.

Beyond is looking to partner with local businesses in the city who may be able to help support the work of the charity. Whether you could help with a partnership or you want to help Beyond raise funds, get in touch.

Or if you simply want to donate, visit our JustGiving Page.

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